Limited time

One thing about being a dog sitter and not a dog owner… is that I know it is temporary. I take care of some dogs for a few days and some times a few weeks.

I fall in love with a lot of these dogs I take care of and some of them I see them many more times and some of them I won’t see them for a whole year or maybe never.

When I know the time I have with these dogs is temporary it makes me cherish the time I have with them. I want to pet them more, walk them a little longer, cuddle them tighter, or just stare at them and admire their cuteness.

Last week a dog I took care of for three weeks went back to his family. He was a handful but you can’t help but love this big labrador retriever that loves to be loved. Every time I would pay attention to him and pet him and scratch him he will shake his big butt and swing his thick tail and slap me with it.

When the owner came to pick him up she said “Oh, now he is going to be bored at home because we all tend to ignore him.”

This made me notice how I was soaking up his beauty because I knew I only had a short time with him.

But when you think about it, we have a short time with every thing and every body and a short time on this planet in this life time.

Everything is temporary.

It was a good reminder for me to cherish the things, beings, and the moments that I take for granted.





勝手にブッククラブ。。。引き続きドナ・ファーリの “Bringing Yoga to Life”から。。。

チャプター2“Motivation: What Brings Us to This Moment?”





“While some of our attempts to grasp happiness may be noble in themselves, we find that however successful we become in our career, however impressively we sculpt our physique, and whatever possessions we manage to procure, they can give us only temporary respite from our inner yearning.”



“The practice of Yoga helps us connect with the part of ourselves that is always virgin and untouched: the place within us that can never  be damaged.”





“Yoga is a technology for removing the illusory veil that stands between us and the animating force of life. Time tested over centuries, it is an empirically grounded practice that meticulously prepares us to live in the full awareness and enjoyment of our divine birthright. Transcendence, lightness of being, freedom, and happiness are not things that we can attain; they are what we become and are. It is what we have always been and what we will always be.”



moving on

June has come and gone and my minimalism challenge has ended… I got rid of 465 things  last month … but this challenge has awakened a minimalism monster inside me and I continue to get rid of many MANY things.

For example, things that had been there for so long they had become invisible to me… like the bedside table that my parents passed down to me which sat in my dining room with no specific function…

Things I kept because they were expensive… like the leather coat I hadn’t worn in years, jewelry that an ex-boyfriend gave me that I din’t want to wear because I had not-so-great memories associated with it.

Things I kept because I had positive memories associated with it … like the white summer dress I bought in Fiji 15 years ago that actually doesn’t fit me anymore.

Getting rid of all this STUFF that brings back all sorts of memories has made it feel like a slow ceremony of “moving on” to something new.

I have no idea what I’m “moving on” to… but it feels like I’m creating more space physically, mentally, emotionally for something new.

and it feels GREAT 😊

all the dresses I got rid of




何故『ヨガ勉強会』?を行うことにしたか。。。私のワガママな理由は、ヨガスタジオなどに行ってヨガを教えるとどうしてもYoga Asana(ヨガポーズ)を教えるのが主になるからもっとそれ以外の話もしたい!という理由。




アメリカでヨガクラスに行くとよく聞く言葉が INTENTION(意図)。

プラクティスを始める前に “Set an intention for your practice…” 「自分のプラクティスの意図を考え、感じましょう」と。




Everything is always changing だからこのintentionも変わることもあるはず。でもとりあえず今の時点で私がヨガをプラクティスすることにおいては “My intention is to feel FREE”

INTENTIONはGOAL(目標)と違って今すぐ到達する(感じる)ことができる。だから自分が発見したINTENTIONが何であろうと it is already here.


What is your intention???